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School Model » Advisory


After students successfully complete the Gateway program and are placed in their permanent advisory, they stay with that cohort until graduation. Advisories consist of 15-18 students who participate in daily journal writing, circles, and 1on 1 meetings with the advisor. The advisors do a wonderful job of coalescing a team of students who work both collaboratively and individually to achieve academic success. Advisors and staff not only build close connections with students but also with their families. This is what makes the educational experience prosper for all students.

Academic Classes

Students will attend classes with other advisors outside of their advisory cohort. All classes use the project-based approach except for workshops that include classes like gym, health, foreign language, art, etc. Students will create projects from their various classes of their own design that will be presented in their end-of-trimester exhibitions.


All students are required to do an exhibition, demonstrating what they learned in all classes, advisory and the internship site at the close of each trimester. The advisor, advisory mates, mentors, parents, and other community and staff members are in attendance for this 30-minute presentation. During exhibitions, students, present their learning, answer questions, and receive feedback from all who are present. Those students who do not do an exhibition will not receive credits for the trimester.

There are 3 trimesters within a school year, giving students the opportunity to earn more credits than they would in a traditional school. New student enrollment and graduation takes place in each of the 3 trimesters. The trimesters are as follows:

1st       September-December

2nd      December-March

3rd       March-June